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Dianosi is a consortium regrouping various companies aiming to create technological synergies and be innovative in the IVD market.

The final objective of the consortium is to specialize each company in a field of competency and to minimize the redundant costs. This will permit the companies to focus only on the innovation of their products and of their processes.

The philosophy behind the consortium is the “open innovation” model that has been proven to be more competitive than any other model, especially in some environments.

Sharing a platform permits each company to have more resources to employ in specific aspects of their business model.


We are an italian company with worldwide prospectives and deep innovative spirit. Specialized in developing and producting top of the edge technologies for small and medium companies with challenging tasks in the automation industry.


We are a tomorrow-oriented start-up that is developping a deep neural networks tool in order to provide the IVD industry with more accurate and intelligent diagnostic systems. 

Edif Instruments

Wa are an italian manufacturer specialized in automatic analyzers for the IVD market. Our high quality products have been appreciated by small and medium laboratories all over the world for more than 20 years.